As in any multiplayer game it will be very good if there are a lot of players on the server. Maybe we will try to solve this problem with the help of NPCs, which can not be robbed or killed and which will perform the usual mass work such as standing behind the cashier in the store, etc.

If you die, you’ll lose only what you had with you and will respawn in the hospital. Your property (e.g. house, car) will be safe, unless you were robbed.

For some reason they decided the game would be completely done in December, although we said that early access would be in 6-12 months that’s between December 2019 and June 2020. Of course from the very beginning the game will come out a little raw, all the games come out like this. We will constantly continue to refine, develop and update our game and after you bought the game the updates will be free for you.
Yes, our game can not be made for 70K, but nobody said that this money is all that we have. We have other sources of funding too.
We didn’t have any marketing strategy, we didn’t advertise our game anywhere and nobody knew about it, unfortunately we did everything in a hurry. So considering the game wasn’t popular we couldn’t ask you for 300.000 here on Kickstarter.

RAW is our first game of this scale. Artur is a media designer. He worked in a graphic media studio in Helsinki for a long time. He also shot various videos, his youtube channel is:
Alexey worked for about 8 years as a lead programmer and has recently been involved in the development of 3D models for some companies.


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