RAW game has had its share of controversies and rumors. The latest update, however, has confounded its backers and the gaming community alike. After gaining over 3900 backers pledging over $ 1,90,000 in backing, Kickstarter suspended the campaign of KillerWhale Games yesterday. The developers were garnering quite a bit of attention and backing as evident from these numbers. That is why; the suspension has thrown the backers into a tizzy.

Ever since the suspension, approximately 24 hours ago, developers have come out with their statement to calm the backers and gaming community at large.

What exactly happened?

kickstarter rawAccording to the developers, the RAW Kickstarter campaign was suspended without any warning or prior information. There were no reasons mentioned for the suspension of the campaign according to the developers.

Probable causes:

While there has been no official reason for the suspension of the campaign from Kickstarter but the developers think that it is due to mass reporting of their funding campaign. The developers believe that it is due to the suspicious activity that the campaign was suspended 24 hours before it was slated to finish. Quite successfully as well, we might add. 

The company (KillerWhale Games) thinks that the suspension of the campaign just before it was slated to close is suspicious. The company, in its statement, exclaimed that they are bewildered by this Kickstarter move. The abrupt closing of the campaign has not gone down well with the company.

The future course of action:

According to the company, it might be a setback but not a death blow. The company has clearly stated that, as planned, they will release the gameplay video in 2 days. They plan on releasing it to their Discord community.

The company is actively considering all the solutions to take the funding campaign forward. It plans on exploring Indie gogo to raise the funding. The company also claimed that it might just start a funding campaign right on its website to take things forward. For now, however, the company is just exploring all the options before deciding their future course of action.

The statement released by the company was through its Discord channel. The company plans on releasing further updates as and when there are new developments.

In such a situation, we think that communication by the company will be of paramount importance. It can make or break their funding plans. Investors and backers do not prefer uncertainty, and that is why; how the company handles the setback will determine the probability of success in the future. For now, the company seems to tick all the right boxes and has kept its backers and gaming community largely updated.

A lot will be clear if and when the funding platform reveals the reason for RAW Kickstarter campaign suspension. The suspension fo the raw Kickstarter campaign, after reaching its goal, warrants a strong reason. Backers and the gaming community will keenly watch the pace at which company recovers from this setback.

While RAW, as a game holds a lot of promise, how the company handles the setback will determine its future. While it is true that this might be just a temporary setback, but at this stage, it can derail the entire development process and delay it by years. That is why the developers and the company need to handle it efficiently. That seems to be happening.

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